Different marquee styles will suit different lighting styles. We have a range of lighting options to create the appropriate ambiance for your event and style of marquee. We are happy to offer advice on the right solution for you. We have lighting dimmers/faders that are available for all lighting styles. Unless otherwise stated the following items are suited to both clearspan structures and frame marquees. A dedicated list of options for pole marquees is also listed below.

Black Chintz Drum Lanterns - Frame Marquee & Ecru Liner

Chintz Drum Lanterns

Bonded lamp shade like lanterns covered with a chintz material in either black or white. These are 0.9m in diameter and 0.4m high. These are a simple and stylish lighting option.

Cluster of Coloured Rice Paper Lanterns – Frame Marquee & Black Liner

Paper Lanterns

Rice paper lanterns can be installed in single units or more effectively as “clusters”, set at various heights. These can also be installed along festoon sets in larger marquees and/or outdoors. We stock white paper lanterns and a range of different colours.

Rattan Lanterns

Ratten Lanterns

Bell shaped, wicker styled lanterns that are available in a small 20cm diameter or a large 40cm diameter. Great as both a direct and diffused light source.

White Cylinder Lanterns - Frame Marquee & Ecru Liner

Cylinder Lanterns

These cylinder shaped lanterns are 1m tall and 0.4m in diameter. The wire frame is covered with a white material providing a simple but distinctive light source in marquees.



Glass beaded with 9 arms and globes at two heights, our chandeliers are 0.8m high and 0.6m in diameter. These can be installed as single units, in pairs or even in clusters.

Festoon Lights with Lanterns

Festoon lights

Long cables with globes at 1m spacing, these lights can be installed inside or outside marquees. They can be covered with paper lanterns or left as bare globes. Coloured globes also can be used on request. A simple yet effective style of lighting in clear roof structures.

Clusters of Fancy Round Globes

Fancy Rounds

Large round globes that measure 95mm are hung from white or black cables (bayonet hangers). Installed in clusters of between 3 and 8 globes or sometimes as a line of globes, over a feature table.

Fairy Lights

LED Fairy Lights

Long strands of fairy lights can be installed in marquee roofs and look great against black liners or under clear vinyl roofs. These can also be installed outdoors along pergolas and in gardens and provide a magical ambiance.

Backlit Liner

Backlights for Liners

Qi Spotlights are installed between the structure roof and the liner to provide a soft wash of general light in the marquee creating an ambient light effect from behind the liner.

White Box Up-lights

White Box Up-Lights

Qi floodlights that are enclosed in a white box placed around the edge of the marquee and directed up the walls to deliver a dispersed wash of light to the interior of the marquee.

6 Arm Lantern Hanger - Pole Marquee

Pole Marquee Lighting

6 arm lantern Hangers – Curved arm frames are that are generally used the white paper lanterns. Other lanterns covers can also be used.

Centre Pole Up-lights – Qi floodlights that are attached to the centre poles are directed toward the marquee ceiling to provide a subtle light source throughout the marquee. These work particularly well with white box up-lights as an overall combined light supply.

Outside Garden Spot Lights

Garden/Outdoor Lighting

Installed on tall poles, using floodlights, par 38 lights and LED spotlights are a great way to light gardens surrounding marquees. Can also be used to uplight trees and other features in outdoor areas.

Disco & Effect Lighting

Mirror Balls, Dance Effect Lighting, Mood Lighting

Assisting clients to create great venues with awesome lighting designs is an integral part of our business. We regularly work alongside and can recommend specialist audio visual companies to assist planning your event.